Project Update
What is the Central Corridor (Amohau Street) project?
The NZ Transport Agency is working with Rotorua Lakes Council to deliver ‘Connect Rotorua’: a programme of work that aims to improve safety and access, future-proof Rotorua’s transport network, and increase opportunities for cycling and other modes of transport.
Part of this work is looking at a section of State Highway 30A / Amohau Street – from Sala Street to Old Taupō Road – known as the Central Corridor.
Project background
In 2015, Rotorua Lakes Council formally requested the Transport Agency revoke State Highway 30a, meaning control and ownership of the road would be handed over to Council – making it a local road.
The Transport Agency approved the revocation of State Highway 30A including Amohau Street in 2016.
In 2017, as part of the Business Case process, a list of options was developed through consultation with the Technical Advisory Group which was made up of members from Council, the Transport Agency and local business representatives. Sixteen options were identified and assessed at this stage. Those sixteen were further short-listed to four and finally to one ‘favoured option’ which was taken to the project steering group (made up for RLC, NZTA, designers and engineers and local community members) for further consideration.
Following project steering group workshops and feedback from the wider community in 2018 the Transport Agency and its designers went back to tailor the favoured option according to what the community had requested.
What's proposed
The final proposed improvements are as follows:
Sala Street to Fenton Street:
- Maintain four lanes (two lanes in each direction)
- Improve access and safety at side roads and business entrances
- Improvements to on and off-road cycle facilities and footpaths on both sides of the road
- Remove the existing acceleration lane from the Hinemaru intersection (converting to a      standard ‘T’ intersection).
Fenton Street to Ranolf Street:
- Retain parking on the northern side (town side) of the corridor between Amohia Street and Fenton Street
- Remove Amohau Street parking on the southern Central Mall side
- Include two-way separated cycle corridor between Amohia Street and Fenton Street on the southern Central Mall side
- Retain two lanes of traffic in both directions at all times
- Widen raised crossing platform at Tutanekai Street intersection
- Improve cyclist and pedestrian protection at crossing points.
Ranolf Street to Old Taupō Road:
- Parking shoulder removed along the northern town side of Amohau Street
- Shared pedestrian and cyclist path and on-road cycle shoulders along both sides of road
- Pukuatua Street intersection reduced to left in/out only
- Solid median throughout the corridor.
What’s Next?
We are currently working through the detailed design of the proposed improvements, which are expected to be finalised in 2019. From there we will be able to accurately cost the project and address funding, timing and deliverables.
As part of this project SH30A/Amohau Street also needs to have its status changed to a local road, through the revocation process. Timing of the revocation is dependent on revocation agreements between Council and the Transport Agency. Once revocation is complete, the new status and management of the current SH30A will contribute more to Council’s inner-city revitalisation project.
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