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Aquatic Centre Update May 2019 - Initial stages of the pool upgrade have begun with essential ground testing underway 
Why are we doing this?
Rotorua has the only outdoor heated 50m pool in the country (with natural geothermal resources used for heating purposes), attracting training camps and competitions.
The centre attracts more than 350,000 visits per year and the learn to swim programme teaches more than 11,000 lessons annually.  However, the outdoor pool is 43 years old and the adjacent building 30 years old.
Several issues at the Aquatic Centre need to be addressed to bring the level of service back to what the community expects.
What's proposed?
Several key issues have been identified that need to be improved before the Aquatic Centre's level of service can get back to what the community expects. 
These are:
○  The main pool is slumping
○  The roof needs replacing
○  The current pool entrance creates a wind tunnel which causes cool air to flow directly onto the pool, impacting on user experience and driving up costs
○  There is no dedicated learn-to-swim pool (lessons taught in English and Te Reo Maori are currently held in the main public pool which is disruptive and well below accepted best practice).
Council proposed a phased approach to the redevelopment of the Aquatic Centre.  This is based upon Council undertaking the necessary first steps of the redevelopment to bring the facility up to the standard expected from our community and match existing needs.  The first stage of investment is critical to serve our community and attract investor interest for subsequent stages.  
Subsequent stages have the potential to include:
○  Development of a café and gym to provide a wider recreation experience (and create complementary income streams)
○  Outdoor water play area
○  Redevelopment of outdoor change rooms
○  Hydro slides
○  Dedicated pools for different age groups
○  Multi use conference facilities.
Council has agreed to fund the initial stage of the redevelopment of the Aquatic Centre to broaden its range of uses and meet the needs of Rotorua residents and visitors including:
○  Provision of a dedicated learn-to-swim pool
○  Upgrade of the outdoor pool and bring it up to national competition standards
○  Re-roof the indoor pool
○  Redesign the reception area and changing rooms
○  Adding more play structures to the indoor areas.
This investment of $7.5 million will be spread over the first three years of this Long-term plan.​​​​​​​
What services are available at the Aquatic Centre? 
The Aquatic Centre caters for local, regional and national aquatic sports,and provides recreational, health, fitness and leisure programmes and services.
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